Event Summary – Achieving Levelling-up: the Structures and Processes Needed

November 2020 – Ben Glover, LIPSIT Researcher

On 18th November 2020, the LIPSIT (Local Institutions, Productivity, Sustainability and Inclusivity Trade-offs) project – a collaboration between the cross-party think tank Demos and the Universities of Birmingham, Cardiff, Surrey and Warwick – launched new research. It finds there is zero chance of ‘levelling-up’ working without significant changes to the current system. Continue reading…

The Complexity of Local Government in England: The West Midlands’ Rubik’s Cube

September 2020 – Dr Charlotte Hoole, LIPSIT Co-Investigator

Originally published on the City REDI Blog

Back in 2006, the then head of communications at the New Local Government Network was quoted in the Guardian as saying “the complexity of local government is something that even councillors can find perplexing and for those on the outside it can seem more puzzling than a Rubik’s cube”. Continue reading…

UK Regional Productivity Variations and What Might be Driving These

February 2020 – Dr Charlotte Hoole, LIPSIT Co-Investigator

Over the past decade, the gap between the UK’s productivity performance and other OECD countries has been widening. This is due to unusually slow growth rates in UK productivity since 2010 in spite of rising employment, leading to what has been termed the UK’s ‘productivity puzzle’. Continue reading…