The Conversation Article – ‘Levelling up: the quarrel over who gets funding is a sideshow to much bigger obstacles’ 

March 2021 – Nigel Gilbert, LIPSIT Principal Investigator and Nigel Driffield, LIPSIT Co-Investigator

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LIPSIT Achieving Levelling-Up Report 

November 2020

The Achieving Levelling-Up report [published 18 November 2020] identifies a number of problems with the current system for managing local economic policy, and suggests a new framework in which levelling-up should be possible.

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LIPSIT Regional Case Study Profiles

July 2020 – Dr Charlotte Hoole, LIPSIT Co-Investigator and Dr Ananya Mukherjee, LIPSIT Research Associate

As part of Stage 2 of the LIPSIT Project (secondary data analysis), profiles have been compiled for the following eight regions:

  1. Worcestershire LEP Profile
  2. Enterprise M3 LEP Profile
  3. Humber LEP Profile
  4. Cardiff Capital Region
  5. North East CA profile
  6. West Midlands CA
  7. Tees Valley CA
  8. Black Country LEP Profile

These regional profiles provide a detailed account of the regional context, devolved structure, performance targets and key data relating to innovation, business, infrastructure, people, place and the environment for each of our case study areas.

LIPSIT Policy Briefing: Prosperity, Inclusivity and Sustainability across UK Regions

April 2020 – Dr Charlotte Hoole and Prof. Simon Collinson, LIPSIT Co-Investigators

This policy briefing reports on a study to assess economic growth, inclusivity and sustainability across UK regions in terms of both current performance (in 2018) and change in performance (between 2013 and 2018).

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